To make a long story short, Salem and I have been very busy for the last few weeks. We had a few things to wrap up with family, tried to fit in a few gym visits, a trip to Cuba and getting over a horrible cold once back home.

I’m doing my best to go through all our 500 pictures from the trip so I can start posting them up on here (lots of requests coming in from family and friends). Please be patient – I have to go through all the pictures, hand-pick which ones we want to put on here, do the colour adjustments (and some were taken at night without a flash so that requires even more work), add in our watermark for each one and then save it. I’ve also been trying to re-trace our steps for the trip to Habana (I wish they had given us a map!).

I also have a few recipes I want to add on here since we tried out a few new things since our return and we also had my parents over for dinner on Sunday. Dinner was a success this time – thankfully! I was about to lose faith and consider my cooking skills nil.

I’ll try my best to post up a few things over the weekend. Sorry for being so flaky!