*cue music* It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr! *end music before my singing kills someone*
Assalamu alaikum everyone, I’ve been busy with Ramadan so I am a few days late in posting again.

So yes, it is Ramadan… actually, the first week is almost over! Fasting started last Friday (although some started on Saturday) and should go on through to nearly the end of August (somewhere around the 19th). This year, we’re working hard to get up before sunrise to eat a bit and do our prayers. I will admit, in years past, we just sat up in bed, ate a few dates and drank a glass of water in the dark and laid back down. None of that this year! Perhaps I aught to add in a “Suhoor” section now that breakfast is not just limited to either a banana or dates. Although I do feel my energy levels dip a bit in the afternoon because my sleep is interrupted. Oh well, it’ll force me to nap when I get home.

People who don’t fast often ask me about food during Ramadan. So I will share with you what is the ONE typical Ramadan food for me – Fatteh! It’s easy to make, easy to eat and very tasty. The great thing about this dish is how nutritious it can be: we have complex and simple carbs, fats, protein and dairy – perfect for when you’ve been fasting all day. That along with a few dates and a glass of water really help give you energy again.

Serves 4
-1 medium loaf of pita bread
-1.5 cups plain yogurt
-4 Tbspn Tahini
-1 cup chickpeas (roughly)
-3 Tbspn almonds, roughly chopped (skin on or off, it’s your choice) **You can use pine nuts…. if you can afford them!**
-olive oil
-paprika to taste

Putting it together:
1. Drizzle a bit of olive oil onto both sides of your pita bread and spread with wither a brush or using your hands. Tear the loaf into pieces, approx 1″ each. Toast either in a pan on the stove top or on a cookie sheet in the oven (about 350F for 5 minutes or so). The goal is to crisp up your bread, not burn it.
2. Heat up your chickpeas in a saucepan (with the water that came with the beans or just ad a bit of water so the beans don’t get scorched). One heated, drain but leave just a little bit of water at the bottom.
3. In a bowl, mix together the yogurt and tahini. Add more or less tahini to your taste – I really like tahini, Salem eats it in massive quantities so we often surpass the 4 Tbspn suggested quantity if we’re the only ones eating it. Set aside.
4. Warm up a bit of butter and/or olive oil in a pan. One heated, add in the almonds to toast them to your liking.
5. Prep 4 deep bowls for the layering.
The first layer: the toasted pita bread.
The second layer: add chickpeas on top of the pita.
The 3rd layer: cover the chickpeas with the yogurt and tahini mix.
To top it all off, sprinkle on your toasted almonds and the leftover oil in the pan. Sprinkle with paprika.
6. Say “Bismillah” and eat!

**Please note: the picture above is a smaller sized fatteh – I have to leave space for dinner. I use ramekins rather than regular bowls and, of course, scale down the ingredients.**