This year, I decided to finally make a mini-garden on the fire escape, right outside our bedroom window. Unfortunately, we don’t have a balcony so I am limited as to what I can plant out there.

The garden is pretty low maintenance and includes the following plants: 1x cherry tomato, 2x green peppers, 1x lettuce, 1x lavender, 1x mint, 1x tarragon, 1x basil.

I have quite a few cherry tomatoes coming out but they have yet to start changing colour. I had one pepper coming out but some bastard squirrel decided to rip it off, tape a few bites of it an abandon it a foot away. It taunts me every time I look out my fire escape, just outside of my reach so I can throw it out. Bastard squirrel! Maybe I should send Pumpkin after him… I bet you it’s that furry rodent that keeps walking by on the fire escape railing while I’m in the shower. Scared the crap out of me once! I think my shout of surprised scared him too.

I’ve had some mint and basil a few times. The mint might be transplanted at some point since it’s quite invasive and I would really like to have the lavender grow a bit more.

So, while I wait for my lilliputian crops to grow, I get lots of veggies from my dad’s garden. We just came back with 4 bags full of veggies last night – pictures to come soon.

A look at my garden from our bedroom.

Top box: cherry tomatoes, green pepper, lettuce, green pepper.
Bottom box: Lavender, mint, tarragon, basil.