Alright, so I know that our trip to Alberta was 2 months ago and I RUSHED to get pictures of our nephew up once we came back but then, as always, laziness overtook me. I finally got around to going through the pictures, colour-correcting them and then resizing them so I could post them on here without anyone being able to complain about spinach in their teeth the size of Jupiter!

I’m also thinking about starting up on what I am doing for fitness but I’m not sure anyone is interested… If anyone wants to know what I do for food and physical activity please let me know. It may actually work as a bit of a motivator since I would be accountable to all those who come and read this (tiny) blog. I think it might also be interesting for people to see what I have planned for Ramadan – trying to reach a healthy balance between my religious duties, food, fitness and everything else! Which reminds me, I need to start working on a schedule. So, en bref, let me know if this is of (any) interest whatsoever.

Alright, enough yapping like a chihuahua, lets get to the pictures!