Alright, so as I may have mentioned before, Salem and I went on a trip to Calgary (at the end of April). We went out there for a week to meet our newborn nephew, see the family and also get a feel for Calgary in general.

For our feel of Calgary in general… Well, the feelings expressed in this post are mine alone… I found it a bit depressing. I’m sorry, but I end up comparing it to Montréal. And I don’t mean the cosmopolitan area, I mean in general. I’ve been looking on MLS for houses for months and then seeing them in person… I’m sorry, but I don’t see much pride of ownership. It’s one thing for your lawn to be yellow (and that is out of people’s hands, I can totally understand), but dilapidated fences (or worse, chain-link fences all the way to the sidewalk in front of your house!), parking pads in lieu of a back-yard that’s larger than a postage-stamp, horribly-textured stucco houses or siding that hasn’t been cleaned since the house was built in ’72… I’m sure there are nicer neighbourhoods, but I cannot fathom buying a house at $400k +! Especially when I can get something even nicer off-island for $275k! Otherwise though, the people seem a lot friendlier (or at least offer better customer service). But the most depressing thing: I would be too far from my parents. And that’s what it really comes down to in the end. If Salem and I will be starting a family of our own in the next few years, I want my parents to be an active part of the picture, and it’s not by moving 5 hours away by plane (or 2-3 days by train or bus) that they will be able to enjoy their grand-kids. Also, being an only child, I would feel as though I am abandoning them. Not to mention that a move out West would mean that Salem and I’s timeline would be greatly impacted and we would lack stability for quite a while. Finding 2 jobs, moving there, hoping we like the jobs, getting our careers back on track, saving up an even larger down-payment for a house (due to higher house prices), moving into a house, renovating and then kids…

That being said, I am not completely discounting a relocation out West! If Salem finds some freaking awesome job, then I will consider it. Unfortunately for me, a move out there would basically mean a lateral career move for me, plus I would be losing all the benefits I have accumulated at my job, which I actually love very much… I could easily work for this company for the rest of my career. I’m quite content.

Ok, all seriousness aside though, I have some pictures to share with you!