As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to sign up for a food exchange for the month of April. while scratching my head, trying to figure out what to send over to the Prairies for my giftee, the lovely Lisa from sent over a package for me! Lucky me, I got it before Salem and I were headed off to Calgary to meet the nephew.
Here’s a picture of what I was gifted:

The picture does not do it justice – sorry, for some reason I didn’t realize my lighting was NOT set to incandescent. Duh!
In the package was:
– a note (that I keep to myself – neener neener neener!!)
– a cashew brittle bar. Anyone who knows me knows I am nuts for… well, nuts!
– a Rainforest organic and fair trade 55% dark chocolate bar. I have yet to see these in Montrรฉal.
– another Rainforest organice and faire trade chocolate bar but in 70% dark chocolate and with Sacha Inchi. Yes, I had to look it up! It seems it was used by the Incas, is packed with Omega 3s and boasts quite a few health-related benefits. So I get to eat chocolate and be healthy. Yeeeeehawwww!
– A pack of Jamie Oliver sweet and smoky barbecue seasoning. I am just waiting to sprinkle this thing on some plump chicken breasts! MmmmmmMMMMmmM! Note: I wasn’t even aware that Jamie had his own seasoning products. Do I have to thank the OLF for this? Probably. Damn you language police! DAMN YOU!!
– A packet of “Jessie’s tea” from David’s Tea. Salem and I actually had this a day or two before we took off as part of our evening tea routine. It was great! What’s inside? Lavender, rooibos, coconut and cornflowers. The cornflowers definitely had a giant question-mark appear above my head but this blend really works. It’s perfect for this time of the year too.
– A kit to make double chocolate bean brownies (by The Bean Ladies). I am really looking forward to trying this out. It has the black beans, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. How cute! I’m keeping this as a gift idea too – never thought of making it something I could gift to people without having to send them a baked package!

Of course, I will be posting updates as I eat these things in my package. I would’ve probably eaten most of this by now had it not been for our trip out West. I’ll be working on a post for that over the next few days – I have to go through well over 300 pictures! Pffff…

Thanks again to Lisa for an awesome package! Now go check out her blog – it’s great!
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