This year, I get an actual birthday. I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning though but things started getting better as I got to work.

Many people were wishing me happy birthday through work e-mail and on Facebook. I got a few calls and some texts as well.

Mom sent me some wonderful flowers and a balloon. 🙂 Of course, she didn’t sign the card so it took me a few minutes to guess who might have sent them to me.

My co-worker, Bib, even offered to treat me to a dessert at Trattoria on the way back to work at lunch time. I had heard of Tartuffo before but never tried it. Boy was it ever yummy!!!

To top off my lunch hour, I tried out some watercolour painting. I wanted to familiarize myself wit the medium for a project (I’ve never painted with watercolour before) and so I just gave it a try while at my desk. I must admit that I quite like the results but I still have to work at it a bit more before I start up on my project.

Now lets see what the man has planned for me tonight…