As evidenced by my post the other day, I was in a pretty bad state of mind concerning myself and, by extension, my creative endeavors. I have taken some time to think about how I feel and have decided to push myself, past my comfort zone, and challenge myself to being more creative. I looked into art classes – especially figure drawing classes – but after being confronted with $300-$400 price tags, I was turned off to that possibility. That and the fact that I don’t always “connect” with the artwork done by many of the teachers who offer the courses.

I will be challenging myself to sketching on a nearly daily basis and a good 1-hour (minimum) sit-down drawing session on the weekends. I might move that up to a painting session every second week, but lets get started with the drawing for the time being. I’ll be looking at some videos online in hopes of helping me out with technique as well.

Salem appears to be quite keen on my plan. It seems he was actually thinking of getting me to concentrate more on painting since one of his friends came over and mentioned the paintings I had hanging here and there. Salem offered to critique my work but I had to stop him there – I’m enough of my own critic, I don’t need someone else adding to it. I’ll just be asking him to pose for my figure sketches – be quiet and look pretty. 😉

Also, I would like to add a note concerning my previous post:
Some people thought it to be a bit negative and that the last paragraph should maybe be reviewed. I’m sorry, but I don’t always see the world through rose-coloured glasses, especially when it comes to myself. Part of this blog is a way to keep family and friends in the know of what’s going on with Salem and I, part of it is to share some of my interests with people in general, and part of it is to just express what is on our minds. Unfortunately, I can be quite negative and hard on myself at times, that’s just the way I am. Even though I am not as bad as I used to be, it’s still something I struggle with on a daily basis. I’m sorry, but I was only being honest – letting people in on what I think, admitting that I am being a bit too harsh at times and hoping that this might be a wake-up call to some. What usually keeps us back is ourselves. We are our own worst critics, our own worst enemies, our own worst bullies.