Today is Remembrance Day.

While the vast majority of people know about it and when it is, so many forget to even dedicate 60 seconds of their life every year as a gesture of appreciation and thanks for the sacrifices done by hundreds of thousands of Canadian men and women in generations past. Many of them paid with their lives for a world they would never get to know, see or experience. We owe thanks not only to Canadian veterans, but veterans the world over.

Every thing we have access to, so many of the things we do each and every day, things we don’t even consider are thanks to them, and thanks to God. Could you imagine a world where Hitler would have ruled? Or any number of other dangerous rulers in wars past? Do you think you could get up every morning, drive to your work, buy a cup of coffee whenever you please? How about come home at night to a warm meal, a warm bed, to read books or watch tv or even to spend time with your loved ones? So many veterans never came back, they never got to hold and kiss their spouses and children again. Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah for everything we have, Alhamdullilah for the people willing to sacrifice everything to protect us and give us the best life possible.

60 seconds out of our selfish lives! Our sacrifice is a joke compared to theirs. Always remember. Thank you to our veterans, than you to veterans worldwide for giving us the possibility of living the lives we have today.

Thank you.

CBC’s Remembrance Day page