I’m home sick today but I brought my laptop home last night just in case my cold progressed. While I spent a good part of the day finishing up my work on a website (link to come once it’s done), I’ve been snacking here and there but I just feel “meh”.

Enter the vegetable smoothie!
Sure, some of you may be screaming out “ewwww!!” or simply just making a sourpuss face, but I tell you, this thing is just the pick-me-upper I needed! A little sunshine in my day. Here’s what I used in today’s smoothie.

Fruit and Veggie smoothie:
A few handfuls of spinach
1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
about a cup of some leftover strawberry and mango chunks I had in the freezer
some water (adjust as you see fit)
1/3 cup sugar-free vanilla flavoured almond milk
1/3 scoop pineapple flavoured protein powder

Just throw everything in the blender and voilà! Enjoy!