So, this weekend was the weekend of eating out and trying some restos we’ve never tried before. Woohoo!

I had to meet some classmates for a project at Starbucks in the west island for a few hours on Friday. Salem picked me up once we finished up and both of us were hungry (hey, it was 8 pm). We had heard a lot about this new restaurant called Jukebox by the Marché de l’Ouest on Salaberry near Boul. des Sources. The portions were supposed to be large, the burgers really good and curly fries to boot. We decided to give it a try.


Salem ordered a beef burger with cheese and olives (along with other fixings) and curly fries on the side. His take on it: it’s ok but nothing too special… Actually, he said it reminded him of a Harvey’s burger and then went on to mention that harvey’s is a lot cheaper. The portion was very large though.


I ordered a chicken burger with a blue cheese and walnut sauce along with the regular fixings and curly fries. My verdict: while the burger itself was good (well marinated chicken breast and the fact that I love blue cheese) and the portion was large, I still had a few “rubbery” bites that came with my burger – I actually had to put down the burger to pull out some of the stuff from my chicken breast… nerves? tendons? Beats me, but it ruins my appetite. I was actually disappointed in the curly fries – they weren’t really crispy and were bland/tasted like cardboard.


The one part of the meal that we thought was worth the price was the shared Sundae we had (butterscotch and vanilla soft-serve).

All in all, we would only go back for the Dairy Bar (ice cream, milk shakes, etc) and maybe at a non-rush-hour as this place was loud and crowded (I had a baby’s foot and nearly had their idiot-mitten in my face as mommy failed to realize that she was standing right next to me). I guess we’ll be sticking to Chez Caro or Chez Dad for our burgers.


Enter resto #2! We fasted on Saturday and had a small supper to break our fast. We went for a walk downtown around 9:30-10:00 and walked a few kilometres before deciding that we wanted to warm ourselves up a bit and have a bite to eat. I had some coupons for Dunn’s downtown but wasn’t able to use them as it seems they can’t be redeemed for smoked meat dishes… Ben là!!!


We shared a smoked meat poutine (yumm).


And also shared a smoked meat plate. I only had a bit as I’m still getting used to smoked meat but I will admit that it’s growing on me. Salem has to remember to ask for the lean or extra-lean smoked meat next time.

Verdict: Good service, decent food but Salem still prefers Reuben’s smoked meat. I say we have to try out The Main and Schwartz’s soon. Thankfully, we left the place feeling more satisfied with our dining experience than we had the previous night.