Everyone who knows me knows I love music. What kind? Well, just about any kind! I will admit that I quite like Shakira’s latest “Rabiosa” and even though the words are quite suggestive (or outright explicit), I do love the beat! This morning, I took a few minutes to check out the video. While I wasn’t surprised, I am quite disappointed that yet another popular signer has deemed it necessary or simply desires to objectify herself in order to gain even more attention and fame. Is it really necessary to have a woman in a bra and panties gyrating around a stripper pole in order to sell records?

While everyone knows that sex sells, does no one at the top care that these images are influencing future generations of boys and girls and their perception not only of the opposite sex but of themselves?

We’re not only talking about the majority of music videos that showcase anonymous half-naked women throwing themselves at men with piles of cash, jewelry and cars. We’re also talking about the recognizable women who hold influence, physically exposing themselves, acting like dogs in heat, the list goes on. These women could provide a positive message for girls and boys, but no! Instead, they whore themselves off to the highest bidder.

I’m not only talking about music videos, I’m also talking about the media in general – television, movies, magazines, ads, etc. Nearly everything we look at forms our perception of the world and ourselves. As adults, we are still susceptible to these messages on some level – can you imagine what this does to the children who are repeatedly bombarded with these images and concepts day in and day out?

As someone who plans on starting a family in the next few years, Insha’Allah, I worry greatly as to what kind of world my kids will grow up in. Try as hard as Salem and I might to set the right example, will our son(s) grow up to think that it’s totally normal to sleep with as many women as possible; that beating women is just fine; having no concept of respect, responsibility, consequences, morality; that money and “bitches” isn’t all that life has to offer? Will our daughter(s) grow up thinking that they’re nothing but an object; that their only worth is in their looks; that they have put-out in  order to even be considered worth someone’s time; that they can just be thrown out like trash; that they can’t become anything except someone’s sex object?

So, what are parents to do today, tomorrow? As much as one tries to shelter their kids, the reality is that these horrible messages still find a way to them. What’s a parent to do? Here’s one article that discusses this topic and some possible tactics to deal with these issues.

Allah help us all!