Alright, I thoroughly admit it yet once more, I’ve been lazy and procrastinating! I haven’t posted in a very long time for various reasons (yes, excuses, excuses).

Our month of August was completely devoted to Ramadan. Salem’s mom stayed with us for the month and helped out with the food, probably saved us money by not giving us the opportunity to eat out for the whole month although the grocery bills were still considerable even though eating was limited to “after dark”. Oh well!! It was a good month overall.

I feel bad as I have been taking lots of pictures with my new iPhone but I have been posting them onto Facebook as I still have not taken the necessary time to look into uploading our pictures to our external server and linking to here (Flickr wants me to pay in order to have more than 200 pictures on my account). I’ll need a bit of time to figure out the picture thing as this week is just a wee bit crazy. As of Sunday, I had my whole week booked: a friend coming over to do Saem’s mom’s hair colour, my class, learning to make zucchini relish, going to the gym and a wake. Not to mention a possible trip to Upper Canada Village on Saturday and needing to cash in my Felix and Norton cookie coupons in the Old Port before 5 pm on Sunday. Ahhh!

So, what’s this class? I’ve decided to take a course (comes with a spiffy certificate at the end) in Digital Marketing (using digital media). I have never been trained in marketing but always ended up doing marketing work. This move only makes sense as it’ll make me a lot more effective in my job and with the services I offer to my freelance clients. Salem also just signed up for a class although completely unrelated to what I do. Perhaps I’ll get him to finally post on here by encouraging him to talk about his course. Somehow, I’m not too convinced on just how well that will work. Ha!

In other news, I moved to the IT department a month ago, new desk, new neighbours (yay and nay), and (Alhamdullillah – thank God) a new wall between me and my closest co-worker – long story! Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to be decorating it. I need plants for my desk, I may get a little desk lamp (for those dreary winter days) and put up some pictures. I’m also considering bringing in some personal artwork. What’s awesome about my new desk space? why, I have 3 windows right next to me. Woohooo!!!!!

What else, what else???? Oh yes! The family is growing! No, there’s no bun in my oven!!! Salem’s sister and her husband are pregnant!!! Yes, yours truly will be an aunt! Salem will be an uncle! And one poor child will now have to suffer with having me as their cracked aunt! I’m already in total auntie mode although I can’t really send anything over anymore until the baby’s gender is determined. Booo!!!!! So, expect a post with lots of caps, exclamation marks and baby pictures in the spring. Yayyyy!!!

I think that about covers everything for the time being. Life is getting back to normal but not without me wanting to start a bunch of new projects. I’ll share them as I go along. Insha’Allah (god willing), I can figure out this picture thing shortly – I have so much food porn to share with you!