Ok, so we’re fallen into the trap of not posting for a while. We had visitors from out of town for a week or so (so of course it was another week of chaos before they arrived) and then Salem and I also celebrated our first anniversary.

Salem surprised me with an overnight trip to Mont-Tremblant where we walked in the pedestrian village at the base of the mountain and stayed at a beautiful hotel (we got to enjoy the hot tub!). It was a great weekend trip to get away from the city. We’ll make sure to bring our hiking shoes next time though (woopsies!).

I hope to start posting regularly again within the next few days. Salem and I have a lot of things to get started on and other projects to finish up. I have pictures I want to put up on here too – our trip to Tremblant, some of the art projects I did around the apartment, etc etc etc.

So here’s to hoping I;ll be back in a few days with another post and maybe even some pictures! I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather!