Well, it would seem I need to catch up on my postings so here goes.

Two weeks ago, we had the luck of having wonderful weather (warm), to the point where Salem decided to take me out to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue for supper on a terrasse and some walking. We ended up going to Peter’s Cape Cod, had fish & chips and a tuna steak. Both were quite yummy and we later on went to a coffee shop to discuss our upcoming summer trip. Needless to say, not much was accomplished as Salem was low on energy, went on a sugar high (chocolate and coffee) and then crashed!!

The construction of the new MUHC super-hospital is in full-swing!

Yayy! Fresh air!
It was a bit cool but still nice to be outside.
Bwahahaha! Stalking random people!
I love you bi!

And a lazy Sunday…

We just bummed around the following day after shopping for camping equipment.

Salem is enumerating something… most likely something political such as “Why I should rule the world”.
In total relaxation mode… woof!

And I decided to accessorize my nails:

With little 5-petal flowers and dots. Cute.