Well, it seems that much of Salem and I’s free time is taken up by our search for a new car. Spending all this time searching online at various sites and then making appointments to see cars and then getting out there only to be disappointed either in the car itself or the service… Yeah.

See, if it were just a “whatever” car, then it wouldn’t matter, but we are trying to find something that will be good for us now and 5+ years down the road when there may be kids down the road. We are looking for quality (sorry Hyundai, that’s where you need to bow out) but without spending some nutso amount on a car.

Meanwhile, I am feeling a bit sad for our current car – we’ll be saying goodbye to a car we have so many memories with and who, quite surprisingly, has never given us any major problems. It’s silly how we get attached to objects sometimes.

Hopefully our next update will be one containing good news…. Any day now! Any day now! Come on!