While I did not watch last night’s game where the Canadiens de Montréal  played against the Boston Bruins on home ice, I did hear about the sickening hit that Pacioretty took last night at the hands of Zdeno Chara. I decided to take a look at the video when I got to work and what I saw made me feel sick and my blood run cold.

If you want to take a look at a video, here’s the link to a video on the RDS site.

The latest news is that Pacioretty is recovering, but no other information has been given out. After reviewing the video, I believe that Chara had the intent to hurt another player, just look at the way he sets it up and carries through on the move. Also, I have heard from quite a few commentators and former players that the area where Pacioretty hit the boards/glass is a spot all players dread – it’s a post at the end of the player’s bench, wrapped in many layers of padding. Now I am willing to argue the point as to whether Chara knew who he was sending into the boards or whether his intent was to cause such a severe injury (Pacioretty was out cold for a few minutes, carried away on a stretcher and kept overnight at a hospital for observation).

I think the NHL needs to/has to/MUST start handing out much more severe punishments when it comes to any uncalled-for moves during a game. Players have been injured, unable to play for a few games, out for the rest of the season and even had their careers ended because other players figured they could make a move to injure another player and never suffer any consequences. I don’t care what team you play for, I don’t care who you injured and I don’t care what your name is – these kinds of actions have been tolerated for too long – players must face the consequences of their actions!

Like I said, players have previously been injured and been out for a few games, a few weeks, the rest of a season and some have had to end their careers because of injuries suffered at the hands of other, careless players. So here is a good question: How long before someone dies?

I hope the NHL gets tougher on punishments. And if all else fails, remove all players’ equipment and padding and let them play simply with pants, socks, jerseys, skates and a stick. Lets see how hard they hit then!

My wishes of speedy recovery to Pacioretty.