This weekend, I celebrated my birthday with a few friends over at Ciné Express. I’ve now decided that Ciné Express is very hit or miss. Salem and I met at this very place and we used to go to just grab some food and hang out. A few years ago, it went all downhill (only one waitress for the whole place on shift and I ended up wearing some of the beer that fell from a glass off her tray). We hadn’t returned until about a year ago – they had renovated and our usual waitress was there to serve us. We were happy! We’re returned a few times since and service was always good. Well, not so last Saturday. The waitress rarely came around and when she did, she took one person’s order only to turn and leave before anyone else got to put in their order. After getting sick of waiting, I took down everyone’s dessert order to bring it to the counter. After complaining to the guy behind the counter, he told our waitress to take care of things to which she started telling me “I went back many times and no one was ready to order”… Bah! BS! We got our orders in, half of their cakes were no longer available, etc. I was none too impressed, read even a bit embarrassed for picking this place! I don’t think we will be returning.

Next time: party at my place – BYOC (bring your own chair). Honestly! Don’t talk back to the customer when they have to go and do your job for you. Here are some pictures though, we at least got a couple of good laughs and I got to spend some time with friends. 🙂

It was a dark and stormy night…

… a pair of lovebirds were cuddling on a couch, seeking shelter from outside…

While Sabrina was busy giving physicals and Adam… well it seems he was busy using Sabrina as a back rest! 😉

Ok, I will admit, the couches are good for large groups of people..

Chris even joined us!

Lisa – post parking disaster – with Caro and Salem.


Some little extra birthday tidbits i never got around to posting about!

Salem surprised me with a wonderful bouquet of flowers on my birthday! He even thought to lower the bedroom temperature so the flowers wouldn’t get hot between his lunch hour and my arrival! Honestly, I never wouldn’t thought about this.

I especially loved the irises, lillies and the frilly yellow rose!

I made some small double-chocolate birthday cookies to celebrate (no cake this time around)! They were AMAZING!!! We’re still finishing them off now. Recipe to come soon.

They may look like miniature cow patties but they sure as heck don’t taste like them!