Ok, people have been complaining about winter and the snow on the radio all day today. Guess what – this happens every March! Winter isn’t even close to over until April when it comes to Montreal. I honestly think people complain too much about the weather. You don’t like all the snow? Move to Florida like the rest of the “snow” birds (shouldn’t they be called “sun hogs” or something?).

Here’s what I was greeted with this morning as I was making my way to the metro by foot – I wasn’t sure my bus was ever going to show up and I didn’t want to risk missing the train. Sure, it was snowing, semi-plowed and windy but at least it wasn’t cold.

Trust me, my legs were going well below the posted speed limit.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask  co-worker (who isn’t a follower on my blog) “Who shit in your Kashi this morning?”…. or every morning in your case! Stomp being grumpy all the time, stop all the kvetching and be happy about something for once, no? Bah!