It was my birthday on Monday/Tuesday and as is customary with weekday birthdays – the birthday experience takes place over a few days.

I celebrated with my immediate family on Sunday evening by going to Elixor in the West Island. Yummies were eaten by all!! Here are some pictures!

The peeps!!

The celebrators: Dad, Salem, the birthday girl, Mary Ann and Mom.

With Dad and Mary Ann – Totally loving Mary Ann’s shirt by the way!

Salem just wanted to take a picture of what I was wearing. Unfortunately, you can’t see the whole boot! Darn!

I love my hubby – he’s so cute! Chèque moi c’te sourire!!!! Ayoye!

Mom enjoying her salad and Salem listening to his father-in-law.

The birthday girl getting ready to eat!
And now for the food!

Mary Ann’s chicken tenders with coleslaw, 2 sauces and mashed potatoes (they are very yummy!)

Mom took the special of the day: Mahi Mahi with lobster ravioli and asparagus.

Dad took the cedar-planked salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Salem took the chicken Louisiane: breaded chicken breasts on pasta with a Cajun sauce. It’s amazing! Lama and I will both attest to that!.

My Plate: the Siam explosion: chicken and shrimp in a sweet and spicy sauce with peanuts, rice and bean sprouts. Yum yum!