Well, it’s been a while (surprise, surprise) and I haven’t much to update people on for the time being. It seems the last few weeks have kept me busy with work, the gym and shopping for the apartment. Salem and I have yet to pick up a new table for the kitchen/dining room, but it’s coming soon. Actually, I was somewhat hoping to pick it up this week but considering the snow coming down, I don’t think the driving situation will be all that great for the next few days at the least.

At the train station this morning

 We celebrated Mom’s birthday last week. Upon her request, I made a Pâté Chinois but since I’m none too crazy about the traditional version, I switched mine up a bit adding some merguez to the ground beef along with cumin and chili powder along with the browned onions and some chopped tomatoes. The corn had a few tomatoes added in too and the mashed potatoes had some herbs added in. Layers made (meat, corn, mashed potatoes), I sprinkled some aged cheddar on the top and set it in the oven on broil for a few minutes. It turned out quite well but I shall be adding in even more merguez and spices next time.

Dessert was fairly simple – I bought a brownie mix and baked it the night before. I then made a light chocolate mousse and layered the two with a hint of Dad’s home-made strawberry jam. Yummm!

A simple but still yummy birthday cake for Mom.

Since Mom’s birthday was during the week, we took her out the Sunday before to a resto to celebrate. We picked a place that specializes in grilling and that happens to be nearby. Griglia D’Oro is on Newman, just a few blocks from Lapierre in Lasalle. The prices were on par for the quality of the food we got. The service was amazing and the decor was very nice. I’d certainly go back! Now, lets make way for the food porn!!!!!

A VIRGIN ceasar – quite tasty
Too busy stuffing our faces to take a picture of the wonderful sauces that came with the warm olive bread.

The love of my life
The birthday girl and I

Some of the best calamari I’ve ever had (made with tempura) served with a tasty sauce
Mom’s main course: a seafood risotto
Salem’s main course: a swordfish steak (please note that the fish itself is quite consistent and more dense than salmon)

Salem and I’s shared dessert – a lava cake and vanilla ice cream

Mom’s crème brulée with 3 different flavours (one was lime!)

Bonne fête Mom, on t’aime très fort!