If I were not at my desk right now, I would get up and do a little happy dance.I just booked a two night stay at an amazing looking B&B in the Eastern Townships (just maybe a 1.5-2 hour drive from Montreal). We’ll be staying just at the entrance of the town of Sutton. We’ll be going there for rest, relaxation, sightseeing, romance and… cross country skiing!!! I can’t wait! Plus, how lucky are we, we got the best room in the joint! Wooohoo!!! Alhamdullillah!!!! *does little happy dance at desk*

The B&B is called Les Caprices de Victoria and the room is the Victoria (equipped with a large clawfoot tub right in front of a round window and a fireplace). The place also has a hot tub and sauna. Check it out!!!!
Les Caprices de Victoria