Yes, I’ve done it again! I’ve neglected a blog. It’s quite a vicious circle isn’t it? Create blog with the best of intentions, post a few times, get tangled up in life, blog is left floating in cyberspace, feel guilty, start again!

I will be posting more often though as life has been starting to slow down a bit more in the last little while. Salem’s mom is gone to Lebanon in hopes of escaping Old Man Winter. I kinda wish I had that option too – I am just not ready for winter this year, I don’t really know why.

In other news, I completely gave up on the gym and training since a little before the wedding. I caught up to me, I gained about 10 lbs and I got depressed on top of being a bit mentally overloaded by other things and I had a mini breakdown. I’m currently working on changing my thought process in order to become more objective and positive about myself and not be so darn negative and such an anal perfectionist. I need to stop this behaviour for my own good, and for the sake of those closest to me. I mean honestly, I have let my constant comparisons to others, negative self-talk and constant self-doubt take way too much control over my life and emotions. FINI!!!! Wish me luck! Thankfully though, Salem and I have started back at the gym (and we’ve been very good so far), my eating is pretty much back on track, I’m feeling motivated and I’ve even started training to run (and I’m actually sticking to it) – thank you C25K!

What do I hope to accomplish? Well, I have a certain type of physique and a general ballpark weight I’d like to get to, but I’ll just see how things go along the road. Salem’s also training hard to gain weight and put on more muscle. I’m thinking I’ll be doing status updates here, maybe post up small goals we have and celebrate virtually when the goals are attained! Hey, everybody deserve a small pat on the back when there’s a job well done, no?

Other big events this week – Salem’s birthday is on Friday! I’ve already gotten him a few gifts, I may get him something else but I’m not sure yet. There’s definitely supper and dessert planned. MMMMM yummy sweets!!!!! *nom, nom, nom, nom* I shared the recipe name with my good co-worker, Kat, to which she told me that she’d be glad to help finish-off the dessert if there’s too much left for us! Considering the size of it, I think there will be some left to share a bit with others.

Pictures will be slower in coming though! Work seems to have blocked Flickr, so noon and after-work picture posting will not be possible – boooooooo!!!!

Ok, that’s it for now! I hope to post something in the next few days.