After many months of putting this off, I have decided to finally sit down for a few minutes and post some pictures from our honeymoon for you all.

We went to Aruba for our one-week honeymoon and boy was it a great decision to go there! The beach was amazing and the place was so relaxing. Mmmmm I wish I were there now! We stayed at the Bucuti (it included breakfast only) but that was fine as there are many restaurants to choose from.

Alright, lets get this picture show on the road!!!

Salem enjoying the sun and sand on day #2 in Aruba!
The beautiful sunset on the beach!
Salem walking off into the sunset.
Day 3: Just past the capital of Orangestadt while on our island safari. My suggestion to you: a half day is plenty! And please reconsider this tour if you easily get car sick or are scared of Jeeps rolling over. We had a blast!
A hungry resident at the donkey sanctuary. Hearing them bray is funny, seeing them bray is hillarious!! They throw their whole bodies into it.
The windward (east) coast right next to the Natural Bridge. The colour is amazing but the waves are very violent. I also got sucked out to sea at the nearby Natural Pool.
Along the east coast – last stop on our safari. Don’t mind the hair!! Aruba is a very windy island!
One of our breakfast buddies: these guys are major leaches! They swoop in the second you turn away!
Amazing beach!!! This is in the middle of the day – hello fellow beach neighbours, far, far away!
Our view of the water from where we often settled on the beach. Can I just teleport there now?
Night out in the high rise hotel district. Look at home clean it is!!!!
Dinner was so yummy, the service was excellent and the view onto the main boulevard in the high rise district was great!
The high rise hotels as viewed from our quiet beach. Enjoy your dirty beach over-crowded tourists! We’ll just stay here where it’s nice and quiet!
Me enjoying the wonderful water! After this, the beaches here don’t even come close! 😦
A view of our hotel from the water. The restaurant there is made to look like a beached pirate ship – it’s called the Pirate’s Nest. Great food, very friendly service – breakfast was served there. We ate like pigs!
The tanned happy couple on their last night out!