Firstly, I must tend to my religious duties!!! So Eid Mubarak everyone! May Allah accept all your good deeds done during the holy month of Ramadan!

I was going to treat everyone by posting up a few pictures from Aruba but it seems the internet here at work doesn’t want too cooperate with the new Flickr system: it won’t let me link to the pictures. Booo stupid system!!! Oh well, perhaps tonight!

I wasn’t posting much (if at all) during Ramadan as I was busy with my fasting, cooking and praying. I will be posting up a bunch of pictures and recipes over the next week or so – I hope you enjoy them and maybe even try a new recipe.

These days, life is getting back to “normal” although I have fasting days to make up. Salem is back to eating normally and I’ve noticed that my system does not like me eating much! For the last 3 out of 4 days since Eid, I’ve felt like I had a big wet ball of yarn stuck in the bottom on my digestive system, all thanks to the increase in food intake. I’m hoping that doing those catch-up days here and there over the next week or so will help ease my system back into fairly normal eating. Let me tell you though, not going to the gym is really showing, I hate my body right now and I feel like a gigantic cow!!!!

In the next few weeks, we will be leaving for Alberta to attend Lama and Ali’s wedding. I’m looking forward to the wedding and seeing this wonderful couple start their new life together. I’m also really looking forward to seeing a part of my own country which I’ve never seen. I mean it’s the ROCKIES for crying out loud!!! OMG! *jumps up and down* I’ll be praying to see some awesome wildlife too (moose, caribou, whatever! Major bonus points if I see anything related to wolves)!!!!! The man and I might be bringing a laptop so there’s a possibility of posting pictures from our trip once in a while. I will not be posting any pictures of the bride and groom until they return – Sorry, but I feel the need to show my respect to the couple by waiting for their approval for the pictures. I mean no disrespect to our guests, but I was more than disappointed when people posted pictures all over the place yet didn’t feel the need to tell us that pictures of us were posted online. So there are pictures out there for strangers to see of our wedding which we never got to see ourselves.

We’ll be in Calgary for a few nights, then making our way to Edmonton for an over-nighter, then to Jasper for one night and finishing off with another night in Banff. We’re almost done booking everything (car and 2 nights are done) and now we’re just waiting on the confirmation from this amazing looking place in Jasper.

We have a few things we’d like to finish up before we leave though, such as organizing the guest room, finish  fully unpacking and I want to make a trip out to IKEA and pick up some baskets and a new dining room table! Woohooo!!! I just need to figure out what to do about the lighting. Beurk!!!

On the menu tonight: Silat bi loubieh (swiss chard and black eyed peas) and…. quinoa! Yes, I will finally be trying my hand at some quinoa. Wish me luck, I have the feeling that I may need it!