Yesterday, I had the chance to go and have lunch with my friend Michèle (yes, she’s the pastry goddess who made our wedding cake). For lunch, we went to the Chinese restaurant where she works. Upon exiting the restaurant, I asked for a fortune cookie – something which I don’t usually care too much for but I was in the mood for one this time. I get to work, open it up and what do I see???? A double fortune! Ok, this isn’t the first time I get 2 fortunes for the price of one, but I’m guessing someone opened up the “active, not passive” barrel when stuffing this batch as my two fortunes were eerily coincidental!

My first fortune “Be spontaneous.”
My second fortune “It’s now or never.”

Of course, I asked Salem what I should be spontaneous about to which he didn’t have any suggestions. I did nothing spontaneous yesterday, so I’m hoping today is still considered “now” and not “never” although I still have no clue what to do…

I did a nice little baked salmon and side dish for dinner last night but I don’t have the pictures with me. I’m hoping to post the recipe tonight.

I’m also currently looking around for a naturo/homeopath. Yes, the big hippie in the is telling me to try out alternative health practices in order to balance out my body, mind and soul. So the next few weeks might have posts concerning fitness, more hippie/granola stuff, little white sugar pills and, of course, the standard belly aching on my part. Why the push for this? I’ve noticed lately that even though the wedding planning stress is gone, it’s been replaced by general stress and anxiety to the point where I had a bit of a hard time taking a decent breath at lunch yesterday. For the meantime, I’m trying to do my on little version of art-therapy and telling myself to just take a deep breath and let it all go on the exhale.

Should anyone know a good naturo/homeopath in Montreal (preferably a female), I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Alright,off I go to get some fresh air and reading.