There was a HUGE sidewalk sale over the weekend on Ste-Catherine street. They closed down part of the avenue so that shops could set up tables and sell their goods. Now, I tried my best to look around to see if anything interested me but the gigantic crowd of people and the lack of real sale prices deterred me a bit. I really didn’t feel as though anything were really “on sale”. I say I walked away nearly empty handed… Yes, I did buy something: croc flipflops! And guess what – it wasn’t even part of the sidewalk sale! I just bought them because the shoes I was wearing were starting to hurt.

So we walked all the way from Atwater down past Place-des-Arts and then walked a few blocks south to The Old Port. On the way there, we passed by an older “squeegee kid” – although “squeegee man” might be a bit more appropriate in this case” who turned to us and said “Twenty cents to squeegee your sunglasses, a dollar to squeegee your toenails!”. Needless to say I couldn’t help but laugh. No, we didn’t accept his offer nor give him any money but I did consider giving him some kind of a donation simply because of his sense of humour. As they say “you attract more bees with honey…”.

We walked around, had some pizza, people watched and then I brought Salem back to the very spot where he proposed to me exactly one year ago yesterday. 🙂  It was actually really nice just to sit there for a few minutes and take it easy, reflect on how much things have changed in the last year.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home and I slept really well! The cooler nights make for great sleeping conditions. Now if only the bedroom could be pitch black! Soon!

We have a full week ahead – more unpacking and then the floor guys are coming on Wednesday to sand and re-varnish the floors so we have to get everything out of the living room and hallway. Thankfully the varnish is latex-based so it will dry quickly and the cat should not be affected by the fumes. Pumpkin will be safely tucked away in the guest room with the window wide open. I’m debating if I want to stash treats here and there for her to find throughout the day… I just might!