The time has finally come (or at least has finally made itself available) to start up our blog!

How often shall we be posting? 
I have no clue! Often enough, insha’Allah!

Who will be posting? 
I have a sneaking suspicion it may be me (Caro) most of the time but I will tell the man to put in a appearance once in a while to keep his fans happy!

What will you find on this blog?
A bit of everything really. I plan on sharing my cooking experiments, crafting projects, simple DIY tutorials for around the home (I love to get my hands dirty!), social commentary, thoughts and rants with you. Salem… well chances are his posts will usually revolve around business and politics but I will make sure to post any cooking he does as I do appreciate it when he cooks for me.

That’s all I can post for this very moment. Attached is one picture a guest of ours sent us from our wedding. We haven’t had the time to look over the pictures from our photographer yet (with the honeymoon, social obligations and our move just over a week ago) but we hope to have the chance to take a look at them soon! I wanted to at least post a picture where you can see both of us (and not just one of us and half of the other). More to come soon!!!