I didn’t forget you or my blog. I’ve just been REALY busy lately!

I’ll have some big news soon and more recipes (and possibly even a few projects I am working on).

I just need to have some time to breathe. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning my apartment (re-organizing)… I was hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff but it seems I need all the crap that I have! Damn you craftiness! Damn you!

I decided to take a break and head for a coffee shop for some reading at 8:30 (I’m back to reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich). I think some guy attempted to hit on me/pick me up on the way to the shop… He was in a car, let me walk past the gas station entrance rather than run me over only to continue straight to the exit (not even stopping for gas). I saw him out of the corner of my eye looking and me and I saw his mouth move so I guess he was talking to me. I’d like to thank my iPod for offering the perfect excuse for my not hearing him. I just kept walking. Of course, part of me feels bad if he was just asking for directions… but somehow I highly doubt that was the case. Please let me know if you think I’m full of myself. ;-P

On the schedule tonight: my friend Michèle is coming over to teach me the basics of cake decorating! Woohooo!!!! I’m kinda hoping she’s craving Indian takeout!

Ok, back to work! I’m leaving early today!