How the hell did I somehow lose about 5 lbs?

Yes, I’m surprised as hell! Imagine my surprise when i stepped on the scale on the Y yesterday and noticed that, without really trying, I somehow lost 5 lbs in the last 6-8 weeks. And here I was scared that I had gained (in my head I was back up 10 lbs).

Don’t ask!

Although I am currently doing a cleanse (no, not one of those nasty colon cleanses!) and I’m on day 4. On day 11 I get to start adding one kind of food back in per day (these are foods which people are often allergic to or have a hard time processing, i.e.: wheat, cow dairy, red meat). I was low on energy for a few days but have been slightly hyper today. Also, this is a great way to break sugar addictions (ie high fructose corn syrup!!!! Nasty nasty thing!).