Well hello!

It’s been a while again, the last few weeks have still been a bit crazy and I’m hoping things will calm down shortly but it seems not…

The new job is going really well, I am very happy. I set up my studio a week ago and have been taking pictures every few mornings of various clothing items. It’s actually quite fun! 🙂

I had supper with a good friend of mine on Friday after about 6 weeks of not seeing one another. It was really nice! We went to the mall for a few minutes, the Lindt outlet store (chocolates!!!), to a restaurant for supper, Chapters for some reading material (I bought the last 2 steamy vampire novels I hadn’t read yet out of the Lindsay Sands “Argeneau” series and a Christopher Moore book) and then we went out for coffee and desert (we shared some gelato). Odd thing is, our waiter at the coffee place was someone I had been friends with as a kid. He had a hard time recognizing me but when he did he had the right name… Unfortunately, he was completely out of whack as to how we knew each other. I think the guy did too much partying and lost some of his brain along the way. Anywho!

On my return home, I found a nice bouquet of flowers on my dresser. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ Salem got me flowers! I'll be posting some pics of them soon. They're beautiful! He came over and buzzed the janitor who let him through the front door (Salem has a copy of my apartment key). Even the janitor liked the flowers (he's got a thing for plants). Anyway, it was a great surprise!

Last night was our traditional sushi takeout at my place. We then went out for coffee and a shared piece of cake on St-Laurent. The cake and coffee was good, but the service sucked! Oh, and the waitresses’ skirts were beyond short! I mean talk about micro-mini! Thankfully, they didn’t drop anything otherwise we would’ve gotten one hell of a view! Yikes!

Well, I best get going, my habibi will be here shortly. 🙂