This is just a quick update on what’s going on. I know, I’ve been a bad, bad girl! So bad that I only realized now that one picture from my package post is only half displayed! I’ll get around to fixing that ASAP! Sorry!

Also, I’m so behind on answering the SP13 weekly question (or… well… this was in December)
Part A: Are you doing any holiday knitting?
Hehehehehe… no! 😀

Part B: Have you finished?
If I have none, then I guess I am finished! Amazing! For once I’m ahead and not way behind!

So…. what new? I am starting a new job in just over a week and a half! Weeeeeeee!!!! Note to self: get a book on digital photography techniques. I’ll be working on putting items on a website, taking pictures of said items, writing up item descriptions, working with other departments to make one HUGE website… and I get to be creative! Oh, and benefits after 3 months, pension plan after 6 months and… AND… get this! Vacation time after a year! WHAT’S THAT?! **all wide-eyed** I can’t wait! What’s this company? It’s a company that has an office in Montreal and 14 co-ops in the North of Quebec (and by North, I mean WAYYYYYYYY up north, as in permafrost my friend!). We supply all items for these 14 co-ops (food, clothing, gasoline, storage, building materials, programs, etc etc). It’s a really neat company and big on helping out everyone in the community.

On my plate for the next week or so:
1- Finish up everything at the office here
2- Impress Salem’s mother! I mean REALLY impress! She’s in town until the 25th and I plan on cooking a crazy meal (yet I’m not too sure what to make yet).
3- Finish organizing Mom’s 60th birthday dinner (shhh…. don’t tell her I let her age slip out).

Projects I am currently working on:
1- Picture frame earring organizer (pictures to come soon). Of course, it’ll be decorated with henna!
2- Dad’s thrummed slippers (almost done!)
3- SP13 knitted item #1
4- Lama’s scarf (may be frogged, I noticed a mistake – damn!!!!)
5- Mom’s ab… abbyl…abhlynn…. errr.. cowl. I just need to add beads and hope she’s a bit more enthused about it when I present it to her for the 2nd time (oh, the grimace on her face the first time I showed it to her. I must admit it really hurt).
6- Whatever I just forgot.

Upcoming projects:
1- My giant above-couch painting/mirror project! I swear, I’ll do it!
2- Salem’s Henry scarf
3- Do the 2nd herring-bone mitten
4- A shawl for Nanan
5- Henna jewelry and … housewares (it’s a secret!)
6- My personal website
7- Get back to my Bettie Page poster (done in Illustrator)
8- Make a hat for myself (if it’s the Fishy hat, then I might even use various scraps!)
9- Various projects with dad (including a fold-down table/counter for my tiny kitchen and a deep shadow box to display my growing seashell collection)
10- I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I just can’t recall what it is… :-S Sorry!