First, I would like to appologize to all my readers *cough* for not posting for a very long time. I spent the whole month of September day fasting, praying and coming home only to sleep.

Work has been ok but 2 fairly recent slaps in the face have made me decide that it is finally time to look for something else. I am currently looking for jobs in translation (in Quebec or Ontario). I am also thinking of moving overseas next year (to the Gulf) to teach English and French. To tell you the truth, it all depends on what happens with Salem.

Today, I will be signing up for my first official Secret Pal swap – Secret Pal 13. I had a lot of fun organizing my own small Montreal Knits one (although there are some issues that are still unresolved 6 weeks after the final deadline). But I think ti was a nice experience and plan to host another Montreal Knits swap in the new year.

And now, for the best part of this month: HALLOWEEN! Yes, I know, I am a Muslim, not a Pagan, but Halloween is still one of my top 5 days in the year! I get to dress up, have an excuse to spend all day in costume and no one can call me a freak! Wooohoo!!! I really want to dress up like Medusa (even though Salem and his sister really don’t want me to – they rather I dress like a disco queen or something else…. Yeah, riiiiiight!). I’ll see, I might be going to a theme party where I have no choice but to dress up as somethign specific – ugh – in this case, a superhero – double ugh!

That’s all for my current, quick update!