Well everyone, I would like to wish all my fellow brothers and sisters Ramadan Kareem! Yes, I know, I am posting a day late, but distraction was the key to getting through day 1 of fasting! I kept myself busy with 4 loads of laundry, praying and then a 2 hour grocery shopping trip with Salem.

Dinner was oh so very yummy!!! We had kibbeh, fatteh, hummus, lentil and bean soup, stuffed zucchini in a yogourt sauce, amareddine and tamarind juice. Later on, we had some apple tea with cinnamon and some nuts.

The weekend was quite crazy. I had supper with Mom on Friday, bought some more scarves and some shoes. I discovered that Commensal is just too expensive for my taste. I’ve only been twice and sure you get to try new things but it’s just too expensive!

Saturday, I mailed out my package to my spoilee and I hope it gets there on time but with the holiday… er… not looking too good. Sorry!

Then off I was to Oka beach with Salem, Lama and Lama’s friend Noura. She’s a very sweet girl. We enjoyed the water, sand, sun and food. We even stopped off at a roadside stand where I got corn, Lama got berries, caramel and sucre à la crème, Salem got some apples and Noura got drinks for everyone. As if all this wasn’t enough, we even went out clubbing at Moomba later on. I only got home at 3:30 am – boy was I pooped!

Sunday was horseback riding with Lama and Noura. Everything was going great until Noura fell off her horse while galloping. She had a pretty bad fall but she’s fine (thank God!). Once back in the city, I had a Labour Day barbecue to attend at Aunt Lise’s. The food was good as per usual, but with every family reunion, it is more and more apparent that I have next to nothing in common with my family, namely my cousins. It does make me sad in a way, but not sad enough to make me change myself to be closer to them. I’m sorry, but I do not agree with their lifestyles and their decisions. Then again, they probably don’t agree with some of my decisions.

I was most dissapointed when my cousin Katie and my godfather (my father’s brother) left without saying goodbye to my father, his wife, Salem or me. I feel really bad for my dad. He always calls his brother for his birthday but his brother never calls him for his. Another uncle left without saying hello but chances are he was busy with one of hsi 3 grandkids. At least his wife said bye to everyone. This breaks my heart a bit… a bit for me, but mainly for my dad. 😦

This week will be a longer one… adjusting and all. But so far, so good! 😀 Subhanallah!