Well, I finally took the plunge and converted to Islam on Sunday. I even went to the mosque to do it.

Since then, I’ve been trying my best to pray 5 times a day (sometimes making it to 4, other days I get my 5 a day in). I am starting to remember some lines (keep in mind, this is all in Arabic). So far, the family is taking the news pretty well (Mom, Dad and Mary Ann). The friends who have found out seem ok with it too. So far, so good. The people in the community seem very kind too.

On to not so great things. I officially hated my job today, totally hated it. I have to do my full-time job as well as the secretary’s full-time job. In past years that was fine but now I have to do things I had gotten crash courses on. There are also problems with some reports used to put things I need together. Anyway, I am just really hating on the department head right now. I almost walked into her office this morning (after her pulling crap on me twice) to tell her “you can take this job and shove it! Now you can enjoy replacing the secretary until she comes back from vacation!”. GGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

And then knitting… well… Oh forget it.

I’ve just had an all over bad day and I just need to have a good cry now. I’ll go pray and just leave it all in God’s hands.