Well, it’s been a few days (or a week?) since I last posted. I’ve been busy with knitting, the gym, work and my friend Lea, who just gave birth yesterday to 9 lbs 8 oz baby Damian. I was the first to see the baby (other than mommy, daddy and Lea’s mother). It’s times like this that make working at a hospital worth it.

I absolutely love the baby, he’s so cute and very quiet. I think I’ll love being his Auntie Caro… except for the par that I’ll see his dad more often. Yes people, I do not like the father. Why? He’s a smartypants know-it-all jackass. Of course, I never tell Lea that as she’s very protective of him.

He’s said comments here and there that I am never too sure how to take: is he teasing, joking or just using it as a cover to be a jackass. He also really likes to give hugs and hello/goodbye kisses (like us francos do) which makes me a bit uncomfortable as I reserve this for family members only (when it comes to men) – females can get all the hugs and kisses they want – aren’t you lucky?! ;-P

He’s also said a few things that I consider to be going over the line of “you should only say this kind of stuff to your girlfriend”. Ex: today, I was wearing an above the knee skirt and a wrokshirt that’s a bit low-cut but not much – I really like the shirt and have worn it many time and no one has ever said anything. I was sitting next to his mother, talking and he was leaving the room and he said “sitting there crossed-legged with your sexy secretary outfit – hahahahahahaha!!!!”. Errr…. like WTF?! At another point he said “oh we all know why you dress like that, you must like the attention the guys give you (we were talking about how I hate it when guys check me out – Lea had shared this info with him). I made sure to correct him and let him know I only dress like this to please Salem, I really wish other men would just not look at me. Now why the hell is he making comments like this? All this is making me think maybe I should review my wardrobe and dress even more conservatively. I mean it doesn’t help that I am converting to Islam, but I am feeling more and more of a pull to wear the hijab because I hate these kinds of comments and this kind of attention. But what kind of a world do we live in where I feel the need to cover up simply because a friend’s boyfriend can’t watch what garbage comes out of his mouth?

Anyway. I want to see the baby more often, but I’m not going to look forward to seeing the father. Perhaps I will make sure that Salem comes with me in case the guy says anything weird. I’d love to see Salem put him in his place.

So yes, it is playing on my mind. To the point where I went for some shopping therapy at the pharmacy – I got waxing strips and an all-purpose, bio surface cleaner.

So, Am I just nuts or is this guy really a jackass?