I must ask this question because so many weird things are going on all over this great country of ours this week.

1- 17 year old girl gets kidnapped and killed by her boyfriend’s repeat-offense father.
2- Man is found dead in manhole in Montreal (whaaaa?!).
3- Crazy 40 year old stabs to death then decapitates 22 year-old, complete stranger on a Greyhound bus.

I woke up to the news of #3 yesterday. At first I was thinking this was some kind of sick joke, that it must be a mistake, but as time went on, I figured out it wasn’t some kind of joke. Hearing the stories made me feel ill (and as someone who watches all those forensic/medical shows, it’s hard to make me feel ill).

I feel I am really saddened by what happened as well as enraged. This young man did nothing wrong, nothing, yet this crazy psychopath decided he had the right not only to kill some random person but also cut off his head!

Now this may shock some people, but it’s times like this that make me think we should bring back capital punishment. There are some individuals whom I think really do not deserve the right to live, to take away the right for one person to live, you take away your right to live. Now, would I advocate this in all cases? No, of course not, only in extreme cases.

My condolences to the family of the young man who’s life was brutally ended. I also hope that the people present at this horrible event will be able to heal and deal with the circumstances of this event. I can;t even begin to imagine how these people feel.

Onto brighter news now: I took a day off and went over to Alison‘s place with Janet. Unfortunately the weather was horrible, but we still had fun stuffing our faces with pizza and some black bean brownies Janet brought along (mmmmm yummy!!!). Also, I couldn’t believe all the plants Alison has outside! Whoah! I know who I’ll go bug for advice if I ever get a garden of my own! Thanks girls for a wonderful day out!

So far it seems the swap is going well. Hopefully people are in the process of starting projects and plan on sending a little something soon to their spoilees.

I guess I best get going as this is the 5th time Pumpkin jumps on my desk since the beginning of this post. She just doesn’t seem to get that I am busy…. GRRRR!!!!!!!! More posting later or in the next few days.