Yes, I know, I know, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted. May I offer my sincerest condolences to you in these hard times. How are you dealing? It’s ok, everything will be alllllright.

Alright, lets move on to business!

I’ve had a bit of a busy week, but I’m not complaining about it (well, not at the moment).

Last Wednesday, we had (what I would cosnider) one of the largest knitting meetings I’ve ever been to. Quite strange really. Usually attendance at knitting meets drop off in the summer but for some reason, we ended up being about 15 people in all (they just kept coming!). Basically we took over the whole terrasse at Java U on Monkland (thank you guys for putting up with us – I hope you made out with a lot of cash and tips!). Did I ever mention how much I love the staff over at Java U (on Monkland – I can’t speak for the Westmount staff – YUCKO!). We had a very rowdy time and I only got home at 10:45! Woopsy poopsy!

The weekend was fairly quiet: I made my first ever attempt at strawberry rhubarb pie (2nd attempt at a pie) and strawberry rhubarb compote. SUCCESS! But, next time I will prebake the pie crust for just 5 minutes. Salem liked all my experiments so I sent him home with some things (half the pie and some compote). A big thank you to Tante Lise for helping me out with the strwberry:rhubarb:sugar:water proportions for the compote. MMmmmmm….

Oh, a mini lesson I learned on the weekend and would like to share with everyone: NEVER DRIVE TO OLD MONTREAL ON A FIREWORKS SATURDAY!!! NEVER!!!!! It’s impossible to find parking! I highly suggest you walk, bike or metro it in. I also suggest people try to Core Sundae from Ben & Jerry’s – very sinful and full of calories. Thankfully Salem got it while I got the light fudge brownie making my ass not expand quite as much. Score!

And now, for something completely different: Fleece!
Upon Janet and I’s arrival at Ariadne on Sunday, I found a table covered in, yes, sheered sheeps wool! Oh wow! Also on the table: carding brushes and combs. Well, I spent the next few hours brushing out bit of dirt, grass and countless other things out of the wool, and prepped it to be spun. Yes, I do think I am catching the spinning bug. God help me! I e-mailled Molly-Ann yesterday, asking her when I could set up an appointment (and asking aslew of other questions) to learn how to use the spinning wheel. And the addiction begins!

Of swaps: I have decided to organisea secret pal swap (much like Secret Pal 12) for those of us who missed out on/didn’t know about the swap. It’s for Montreal knitters only and it’s fairly short (only 6 weeks). Just a little something to give us all a little taste of what these swaps are and to enjoy the coming of packages in the mail (yes, finally, something other than bills!). The swap officially starts on Thursday as soon as I send outthe assigned partners and ends in early September. I hope everythign will go swimmingly and that no one will flake out. I must admit, I am getting quite excited! 😀

Henna and Preggo news: I went to my friend Lea’s place last night (my preggo) to do henna on her stomach (my first time). I did have quite a bit of fun and finally got to see what happens when a baby moves around. No, he’s no longer kicking, he is shifting all over the place! So weird but so cool! She’s due in a week and a half but I really hope he comes early for her sake (poor girl feels like the top of her stomach is bruised and he keeps pushing his feet up against her ribs). I must admit, seing all that movement last night (I even taped some on my camera), makes me really look forward to my turn – someday Caroline, someday. God, I’m turning into such a sappy woman!