Yes, yes, I know, I know!

I slacked off all weekend and didn’t post! But I still kept my fast on!

Friday went went, broke my fast at the right time and took it easy most of the night.

The boyfriend came over around 9, I wanted ice cream so we set out for some home-made ice cream place about 20 minutes or so away (by highway). We got there only to see it was closed! Crap! We then drove to a Dairy Queen near a place where I lived a few years ago, along the waterfront. They were closed too! What the…?? We ended up driving all the way downtown and went for some fancy-pants chocolate crêpes. Yummy!

Saturday was good but my lingering cold was giving me a bit of a hard time. I slept in until 12 (went to bed at 3 am) and went grocery shopping at 4 or so. Cooked supper for about 2 hours because the man was coming over for supper. We broke our fast together (dates) and then proceded with supper: vegetable soup, veal meatballs in tomato sauce and roasted veggies. Yummy! Tried to watch a movie, it didn’t work. Grrrr… So we watched Fight Club.

Sunday was another boring day, I did nothing. I saw no one and went out for about 10 minutes.

Today, working, up at 4:30 to break my fast. Found a cockroach in my bathroom (3rd one in about 3 months – what is this!) so that ruined my morning. I came into work very early and just prepped for the upcomming meeting.

So far, not hungry, I just want to sleep as I am sneezing a lot, my throat is scartchy and my left nostril is slightly blocked. Lovely! LOL!

Ok, that’s enough for now.