Well, I’m only a bit past the half mark in my first day of fasting and so far, so good!

Here’s the low-down so far:

4:26 am – Wake up. Choke down a mug of Neo Citran, 1 slice of bio whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and sugar-free jam. 1/2 a serving of chocolate Boost (extra protein kind).

4:50 am Brush teeth, go back to bed and toss and turn until about 6 am.

7:30 am – Get up and the day starts here.

I went to my 2 classes, and I am super paranoid about my breath, but I warned people sitting around me and offered my sincere appologies for my horrid breath. I keep rinsing my mouth and brushing my teeth to help (not swallowing anything of course). I’m not hungry. No headache (although I do feel slightly light-headed). I’ll just make sure not to run around too much at work today and try to stay calm tonight while out shopping with mom before I can break my fast at 7:14 pm.

Hunger encounterest to this point: next to none. Once in a while (about 2-3 times so far), I’ll get a little feeling of movement in my system which threatens to perhaps turn into stomach growling, but it’s gone in 2 minutes and that’s it.

Why Neo Citran? My throat was scratchy yesterday and I kept sneezing. So I took some NyQuil before going to bed (this leads to very fitful sleep for me) and when I got up, I took some Neo Citran and 2 cold and sinus tablets.

Alright, that’s enough for now. I’ll update later.